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What Donald Trump’s involvement...

What Donald Trump’s involvement in a US Senate race in Alabama means for Mississippi in 2018

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 10, 2017

Luther Strange is widely considered to be the establishment candidate for the US Senate seat to replace now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He supports Mitch McConnell. The business community in Alabama is largely behind him. And Donald Trump just endorsed him.

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Strange is locked in what is essentially a 3 way special battle for a special election that also features former AL Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore (of Ten Commandments fame) and Rep. Mo Brooks. The battle between the three in the campaign has largely centered around who supported Trump the most in 2016 and whom Trump supports. Rep. Mo Brooks did not endorse Trump (he was a Ted Cruz guy) and has been bludgeoned with that fact pattern.

Strange has the backing of the NRSC. That’s the same group that Senator Roger Wicker led to hold the US Senate in 2016.

The polling (taken before Trump’s endorsement) indicates that there will be a runoff. Brooks and Moore are pretty evenly splitting the “tea party” vote. But the Alabama race will be a litmus test to watch for 2018 both in terms of the mood of the electorate and how much Trump’s political machine may get involved.

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