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SEID: Lt. Gov. Reeves not budging on...

SEID: Lt. Gov. Reeves not budging on gas, internet tax opposition

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 8, 2017

DENNIS SEID: Reeves won’t budge on internet sales tax

As for a higher gas tax and/or implementation of an internet sales tax, Reeves isn’t budging from his opposition.

“There was a bill passed by the House this year that would have raised the internet sales tax, but No. 1, it’s unconstitutional … we can debate whether we ought to do it, we can debate on whether we need the money, but what we can’t debate is whether or not its unconstitutional. It’s against the Commerce Clause, according to the Supreme Court.”

Tate realizes several states do have an internet sales tax, and the the matter could go before the Supreme Court again to be reviewed.

But until the Court does make a different ruling, Reeves isn’t budging.

“If it changes its mind, we can have a conversation about it,” he said firmly. “But we’re not at that point.”

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