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Congressman Trent Kelly discusses tax,...

Congressman Trent Kelly discusses tax, healthcare reforms in op-ed

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 28, 2017

TRENT KELLY: It’s an exciting time for our nation

Beyond rolling back the power of Washington bureaucrats, they are eager to see tax reform that will make American companies more competitive and benefit consumers, employees and the American taxpayer.

In addition to these reforms, Congress is already making progress toward a smooth transition to repealing the current healthcare law and replacing it with policies that will empower Mississippians and all Americans with the ability to make their own healthcare choices based on their individual needs. I have heard from patients, providers and insurance companies that all support a fix to the broken system, and they are ready to work with Congress to get a new plan in place.

This is a good start, but the work of this Congress is only beginning. While those who want a larger government and more federal involvement in the lives of Americans will continue to express displeasure, the vast majority of North Mississippians know that they have the resources to be successful; they just need Washington to get out of the way.

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