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Mississippi House of Representatives Weekly Summary for February 24, 2017 #msleg

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 24, 2017

Mississippi House of Representatives Weekly Summary for the Week of February 20, 2017


The end of this week marked the deadline for House appropriations and revenue bills to be introduced

and passed.

The House Appropriations Committee finished passing bills regarding budgets for state entities last

week, so most legislation addressed this week came from the House Ways and Means Committee.

The Mississippi Development Authority Bond Bill, House Bill 1731, details the amount of bond money

that will be given to MDA programs. One section of the bill provides money for the ACE Fund, which

provides grants to local economic development entities to help expand businesses. Other sections of the

bill provide money that could be distributed in grants to counties and municipalities to improve

infrastructure, enhance local facilities and improve marketability of public property for economic


House Bill 1732 proposes that $50 million in bonds be disbursed by the Office of State Aid Road

Construction to repair bridges throughout the state. Half of the money would be allotted to

municipalities and the other half would be given to counties to assist with repair, rehabilitation or

reconstruction of bridges overseen by those groups.

Legislation proposing how much bond money should be given to state colleges, community colleges and

state parks – among other things – was passed in the form of House Bill 1734.

Each of these bond bills passed when presented on the House floor. The Senate has been busy passing

similar legislation, and now the two groups will come together to begin deciding how much money will

be put into each bill. This process typically lasts until the end of session when a final decision is reached.

The House also passed House Bill 1598, which will provide a state income tax credit to venison

processors in the amount of 50 percent of the production cost of processing venison donated by hunters

for the Mississippi Hunter’s Harvest Program. The program, which is part of the Mississippi Wildlife

Federation, provides donated venison meat to less fortunate Mississippi families as a low-fat,

dependable source of protein. Hunters and processors can learn more about how to be a part of the

program at

Committees have also begun to meet again, this time to discuss Senate Bills. Over the next couple of

weeks, Senate Bills will make their way out of House committees and onto the House floor for

discussion, while the Senate reviews bills that passed through the House.

Students who are members of Future Farmers of America came from all over the state to visit the

Capitol this week. Legislators also received visitors from the NAACP, the Mississippi Wildlife

Enforcement Officers’ Association, the Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi and the Mississippi Academy

of Physicians.


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