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SunHerald runs with Democrat narrative...

SunHerald runs with Democrat narrative against @CongPalazzo

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 20, 2017

PAUL HAMPTON: Where’s Steven Palazzo? Congressmen elusive for some Coast constituents

Some South Mississippi women aren’t having much luck tracking down their congressman, Rep. Steven Palazzo, even though he is supposed to be back this week for a district work week.

The enterprising women are trying to smoke the 4th District Republican congressman out by putting his face on posters of the sort normally emblazoned with a photo of a missing cat or dog and stapled to a utility pole. One advises that, if found, Palazzo should be returned to the constituents of the district. You won’t see these posters on poles, though; they’re plastered on social media….

…“(This) week Congressman Palazzo is hosting Congressman Rob Wittman, chairman of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee, who will be visiting South Mississippi and touring Ingalls,” she wrote in an email. “He will also be attending and is the keynote speaker at the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference. Those are the two major events on our calendar for next week outside of constituent meetings. He will also be fulfilling his drill requirements for the National Guard at Camp Shelby for two days next week.”

For the record, Palazzo is a member of the Army National Guard but Duckworth didn’t provide any further details about the speech, his one quasi-public appearance, which is in Natchez….

…“I’d ask him not to repeal Obamacare until he has a replacement to protect people with pre-existing conditions,” she said. Palazzo has rarely passed up an opportunity to rail against the former president’s signature health-care plan….

…“I’m sure California could protect their environment if the EPA went away,” she said. “But in Mississippi, we can’t even pay to fully fund education so I don’t know how we’d fully fund a department to handle our environmental issues, especially living here on the Coast when we’re just recovering from the BP oil spill.”


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