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@CongPalazzo cosponsors bill to...

@CongPalazzo cosponsors bill to terminate the EPA

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 8, 2017

Palazzo among those who would shut down EPA

Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-4, is one of four Republican congressmen who want to get rid of the EPA.

The Biloxi lawmaker is a co-sponsor of what is basically the one-sentence House resolution “to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.”

The bill’s main sponsor is freshman Rep. Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The other co-sponsors are Thomas Massie of the 4th District in Kentucky and Barry Loudermilk of the 11th Georgia District.

“As an avid sportsman, I believe safeguarding our air, water and federal lands is crucial,” Palazzo said in a written statement. “However, unelected bureaucrats at the EPA have spent the past 8 years issuing thousands of pages of regulations that are strangling American businesses. The EPA is a prime example of federal agency overreach, and they have far surpassed their original intent. Ultimately, I believe state regulatory organizations can develop and implement environmental regulations better than bureaucrats in Washington, DC.”


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