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PERRY doesn’t think Bryant...

PERRY doesn’t think Bryant “is itching to leave the governor’s mansion”

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 17, 2016

BRIAN PERRY/Ambassador Bryant?

But what role would Bryant play? As a sitting governor, he wouldn’t be “staff.” He isn’t going to be a Schedule C appointment within the bureaucracy, or head a state office for a division of an agency. His position would require a cabinet level position or the head of an agency or one of the prime ambassadorships. But by protocol, any of those positions would be a demotion for a sitting governor.

The last past governor in Mississippi to receive a high profile presidential appointment was Ray Mabus who, after losing reelection to Kirk Fordice, served as U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia under President Bill Clinton, and as U.S. Secretary of the Navy under President Barack Obama. While not a governor, it may be worth noting in 1993, then Mississippi Congressman Mike Espy was appointed by Clinton to serve as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Still, it would be unprecedented in modern times for a Mississippi governor to vacate his seat for a non-elected office. If Bryant had the fire in his belly for a Trump appointment, I believe he could get one. But, I don’t think Bryant is itching to leave the governor’s mansion. I suspect he will instead use his close relationship with the incoming president toward the benefit of Mississippi.

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