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SALTER: Unanswered questions on what...

SALTER: Unanswered questions on what the “none of the above” crowd will do in November

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 23, 2016

Sid Salter: Many voters like ‘none of the above’

In other words, heading into the fall stretch run in presidential politics in Mississippi, there are no visible surprises. Republicans control the state Legislature, seven of eight statewide offices, and five of the state’s six U.S. House and Senate seats and seem on cruise control to win the state’s presidential popular vote and electoral votes in 2016.

But nationally, the presidential polls are tightening significantly. From the rather wide electoral vote lead and adequate popular vote lead projected for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton just weeks ago, the race is today projected to be a popular vote dead heat and an electoral vote lead for Clinton that is anything but certain….

…The bottom line is that both the crunched polling and projection numbers and unscientific street talk underscore the fact that there’s about a 10percent block of voters out there who are feeling pretty headstrong about voting “none of the above” in the presidential race.

In just over six weeks, this interminable election will be over. The bookies — yes, there are betting odds on presidential elections — still favor Clinton. But in this strangest of elections, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about just what that “none of the above” crowd in both parties will or won’t do — and whether some will at the bitter end hold their noses and support the nominees of their parties.

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