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State Sen. Hill (R) comments on why she...

State Sen. Hill (R) comments on why she voted against the special session bill

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 29, 2016

State Sen. Angela Hill was one of three Republicans who joined Democrats in voting against the special session budget bill on Tuesday. The other two were senators Chris McDaniel and Michael Watson.

Hill appeared on the JT Show on SuperTalk on Wednesday stating that, despite understanding that the state must meet its debt obligations, she voted against the bill because she wanted to wait and see how the revenues came in before addressing the issue coupled with the idea that she believes more can be trimmed from state agencies.

Hill expressed that she hated to go into the rainy day fund when there was the possibility to delve into state agency budgets more closely and cut unnecessary items such as consultants, conferences and the like.

Sen. Hill noted her appreciation for the way Senate leadership handled the special session and the bill even though she voted against it.


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