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Daily Journal editorial: Appointed...

Daily Journal editorial: Appointed superintendents change deserves united support

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 29, 2016

Daily Journal – OUR OPINION: Appointed superintendents deserve united support

Any superintendent position that was filled in the November 2015 election would have to be appointed once the current four-year term ends.

Some residents of districts with elected superintendents have strongly opposed the change, but their voices were not as persuasive as those of others in the debate.

The same kind of opposition often has existed when the Legislature or school boards have consolidated school districts, requiring the closing of some schools. Protracted legal battles can result, further driving a wedge between residents of communities.

The better choice when school districts change and elective politics are taken out of choosing superintendents is to unite for school improvement moving forward. Allowing dissent to dominate discussions about schools is ultimately harmful.

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