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Rep. Baria, MS House Democrats commend...

Rep. Baria, MS House Democrats commend House Republicans for working with them

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 18, 2016

House Democrats Commend Speaker of the House for Compromise

Two weeks after the rule of Points of Personal Privilege were reinstated in the House, Speaker Philip Gunn finds himself under the comments of democrats again, but this time, it’s to give kudos on moving forward.

“How the legislature conducts itself plays significantly into our ability to write and pass the laws our citizens deserve. We are grateful for cooperation with the Republican House Leadership in working with us to focus on what is best for Mississippians.” House Caucus leader David Baria said in a statement. Other elements of the agreement include official recognition of the House Minority Caucus, office space and staff and a commitment to regular meetings between majority and minority leadership.


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