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Presidential candidate Marco Rubio best...

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio best to carry conservative mantle into November

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 1, 2016

Our American republic remains the greatest nation in the world because of the intrinsic value of its people no matter their color or creed, its adherence to and love for the Constitutional rule of law, and the reality that in these United States, thanks to the freedom and liberty provided us by the sacrifice of our forefathers and those who protect our land at home and abroad, we can reach beyond our current station through hard work and perseverance, to make a better life for our family today and tomorrow.

We must not hand over our American Dream to the angriest, most divisive voices. We cannot afford to have a president who gains power by arousing people’s emotions, stirring prejudices, and spouting vulgarities.

We cannot give up our shared American morals – common decency, respect for life, humility, character, and integrity – simply because we are angry. That is weakness, not strength.

We must rise above such base appeals and seek the next generation of conservative leaders who can unite Republicans, inspire our nation, and ultimately win in November to stop the liberal, progressive transformation underway in our country.

We cannot make America great again by acting like a spoiled child or giving evasive, unsubstantiated answers to the biggest issues facing us today. Self aggrandizement, extreme divisiveness, and coddling conspiratorial ramblings are stifling the political process for us all.

Only one candidate for President knows what you and I go through every month, who has lived paycheck to paycheck like many of us. Only one candidate knows the real struggle of paying for a mortgage, student loan debt, and providing a decent life for his children amidst the rising costs of living. Only one candidate knows what it means to juggle raising a family, making ends meet, and being compelled to share his strong Christian faith with others while also answering the call to community and public service. That candidate is Marco Rubio.

Our 21st Century world is very different now. America cannot continue to borrow and spend its way to prosperity. We cannot sustain the current national debt. Globalization and technology are rapidly transforming our economy. Our education system must be reformed to meet the demands of tomorrow. Workforce training and affordable higher education must be priorities. New threats to our national security arise every day. Our national defense must be strengthened to reflect these threats with our goal being to defeat radical extremists head on.

Thankfully, Marco Rubio understands what our nation is facing in this new American century and has the experience and relationships to not just produce great zingers and sound bites, but actually get things done for the American people.

Marco Rubio is that next generation conservative leader who can unite and grow the Republican Party and be the voice of reason and strength while others only prey on our fears and stoke our anger.

Outdated leaders with stale ideas are holding America back from our shared potential. We need a president who understands the unique challenges facing our republic in this century. Marco Rubio is the one candidate for President who shares our burdens and concerns, who has a real plan to address our national challenges, and who can carry the mantle of our conservative principles against whomever the Democrats nominate, whether it be another Clinton or the socialist Sanders. If we in Mississippi chose him on March 8th, he will win in November for the betterment of us all.

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