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PERRY writes of his time in New...

PERRY writes of his time in New Hampshire for @CarlyFiorina campaign

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 18, 2016

BRIAN PERRY/New Hampshire reflections

For ten days leading up to New Hampshire’s “first in the nation” primary I worked in the Granite State to promote former HP executive Carly Fiorina. I typically don’t write about clients, but following New Hampshire, Fiorina suspended her campaign (I hope it wasn’t my fault). Here are some observations about my time in New Hampshire…

…The folks on the seacoast were a lot like us. Instead of tractors they had boats. We have Republican rednecks; they have Republican bluebloods. Our whiskey is mostly corn; their whiskey is mostly rye. Instead of catfish they had lobster…

…They’re not that different up there. They talk funny. They don’t fry as much food. They have less gluten. They have more wealth. Their church buildings are older but used less. Their roads are smoother but often involve toll booths. But they like to hunt and fish. They like football and beer. They salute the flag; honor their veterans; cuss and discuss their politicians.

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