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Hood says daily fantasy sports wagering...

Hood says daily fantasy sports wagering is illegal in Mississippi

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 5, 2016

Mississippi AG Declares DFS Illegal

The Mississippi Attorney General has just ruled that daily fantasy sports wagering is illegal, in so doing adding the Magnolia State to a growing number of other US constituents that also see the game as a violation of their gambling laws. Other include Illinois, Hawaii, New York, Nevada, Texas, and Vermont.

After carefully examining daily fantasy sports, AG Jim Hood assessed that the game was similar to sports betting and horseracing, both of which are against the law in Mississippi. Commenting on the issue, Hood stated:

“In either case, winners are selected based on the tally of points earned by the athletes. This method of play is similar to betting on a horse race of making a parlay bet. It is different from betting on the outcome of a regular football game only in that the player can choose from any number of hypothetical ‘teams’ which the player can possibly pick or create, rather than being limited to picking from the teams available as they actually exist in the NFL.”

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