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CALLEN: Top 10 reasons to oppose...

CALLEN: Top 10 reasons to oppose #Initiative42

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 21, 2015

Top 10 Reasons To Oppose Initiative 42

By now you’ve seen the TV Ads, heard the radio spots, and scrolled through countless social media posts about Initiative 42. The election is less than two weeks away and the stakes for Mississippi could not be higher. Before you go to the polls we wanted to remind you of the top 10 reasons to oppose Initiative 42:

One judge. Initiative 42 turns the education funding and policy making decisions over to one unaccountable judge in Hinds county.

Taxation without representation. Your voice as a citizen, through your elected legislators, is eliminated and replaced with a judge you will likely never vote for.

The actual language of the initiative. While proponents of Initiative 42 say one thing, the truth is the actual language of the Constitutional amendment says NOTHING about education funding, MAEP, phase-ins, etc.

“Adequate and Efficient.” It will be up to one judge to decide if children are receiving an “adequate and efficient” education. This highly subjective phrase could be used by this judge to justify mandating a new curriculum, consolidating school districts, shutting down charter schools, or even worse.

Your school district. This judge could decide that a high-performing school district has a strong local tax base and the money they receive from the state needs to be transferred to a low-performing school district, and your school districts could end up with less money.

Higher taxes. If the judge orders additional spending, the money will have to come from somewhere. If there is not sufficient state tax revenue, taxes might have to be increased.

Massive budget cuts. The legislature may decide that increased taxes are a non-starter and opt to make cuts to other agencies. House Appropriations Chairman Herb Frierson has already warned agencies to prepare for an eight percent budget cut should Initiative 42 pass.

Who is funding Initiative 42? While we can’t see the name of every donor to the organization supporting Initiative 42, we know the money is coming from out-of-state organizations that also promote liberal causes like abortion, gay marriage, global warming, etc.

A Constitutional amendment. Unlike a bill or statute that the legislature passes, which can always be amended or repealed in subsequent years, a Constitutional amendment is virtually unchangeable.

Deception and Misinformation. The organization behind Initiative 42 does not want you to know what the initiative actually says. The organization has spent millions promoting this amendment to the state constitution and yet the actual text of the amendment is nowhere on the website they created to promote it.

Remember when you vote on November 3, you will need to vote twice. First, vote “AGAINST BOTH” Initiative Measure No. 42 and Alternative Measure No. 42A. Then, select FOR Alternative Measure No. 42A, which is the safety net if we lose the first vote. This is the bottom bubbles of both questions.


Grant Callen
Founder & President
Empower Mississippi

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