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Wicker: Give and take required by...

Wicker: Give and take required by Congress, White House

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 2, 2015

Wicker: “Republicans Control House and Senate”

Some are saying the shakeup in House leadership will bring a hard stance against funding the program; others say it will surely lead to an even further lack of cooperation between parties, and in turn, a shutdown.

Sen. Roger Wicker says that both sides will have to make concessions in order to ensure the government remains funded.

“I think there will have to be give and take. I certainly hope the White House understands that Republicans have control of the House and Senate, and he’s going to have to be involved in some give and take, and clearly, and unfortunately, I’m not going to get everything I want,” said Wicker. “That’s the way a democracy works.”


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