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#MS01: Kelly sees increase in campaign...

#MS01: Kelly sees increase in campaign funds

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 29, 2015

Kelly’s campaign gets runoff funding boost

JACKSON – Campaign contributions started to increase for District Attorney Trent Kelly of Saltillo after he advanced to the runoff in the special election for the 1st District U.S. House seat….

…According to the report for the period up to May 13, a day after the first election, Kelly had received contributions totaling $145,843 and had spent $123,618 on his campaign. But in the days after the first election, in preparation for his runoff, Kelly has received individual contributions of $53,700, totaling at least $1,000 each. Candidates have 48 hours to report additional contributions occurring after May 13.

In addition, according to the FEC web page, Kelly, a Republican, contributed $50,000 himself to his campaign on May 15.

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