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Gov. Bryant explains Biloxi mayor...

Gov. Bryant explains Biloxi mayor endorsement of Swetman

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 12, 2015

Biloxi mayoral candidates insist they’re Republicans

Bryant said it was a post purportedly by Beverly Conover Davis that made him rethink the position he expressed a little over a week earlier that he would stay out of the race.

His campaign office produced a screen shot of a post attributed to Davis on Gilich’s campaign page that said: “Mr. Gilich, the Harrison Co. Democratic Executive Committee, the Mississippi Democratic Party and Chairman Rickey Cole congratulate you on your victory and are at your disposal, should you need us. We look forward to your vision for Biloxi.”…

…The Mississippi GOP, which normally welcomes party switchers with open arms, apparently doesn’t recognize Gilich. It sent out a mailer signed by Chairman Joe Nosef last week that pointed out Gilich was Democratic Party Chairman (in Harrison County) when Barack Obama ran for president. It also contains a photograph of Gilich with former President Bill Clinton and an unidentified woman holding a Hillary for President sign.


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