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@ClarionLedger reports that Gov. Phil...

@ClarionLedger reports that Gov. Phil Bryant may call a special session over workforce bill

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 31, 2015

Special session looms for lawmakers over workforce bill

One of Bryant’s top priorities for this session was passage of a measure to provide $50 million for workforce training and development. It would have taken $25 million a year for two years from the state’s unemployment trust fund. Bryant said the fund is flush from unemployment dropping and the $50-million program can be funded without a new tax.

Rep. Donnie Bell, R-Fulton, one of the House conferees on the measure, said Senate negotiators would not agree to the version the House unanimously passed and Bryant endorsed, and tried to add a tax cut and other changes to the plan and fund it with only $5 million to $10 million to start.

“My understanding is the governor is going to call a special session for it,” Bell said.

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