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Infighting, literally: MS Democrat vice...

Infighting, literally: MS Democrat vice chairwoman claims simple assault by Dem state Rep. Banks

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 3, 2015

Mississippi Democratic Party vice chair alleges simple assault

Mississippi Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Vallena Greer filed a police complaint of simple assault against state Rep. Earle Banks, D-Jackson, claiming the fellow party member grabbed her and yelled at her.

Banks denied the allegations, calling them frivolous and foolish.

The incident allegedly occurred during the party’s meeting Saturday at Millsaps College, where Greer stood on a stage presenting information from a staff report. She said Banks was irate about a Clarion-Ledger story detailing Greer’s complaints against party Chairman Rickey Cole and charged her.

“He charged the stage like an angry bull, screaming and thumping the paper, yelling, ‘You leaked this to the paper, you leaked this to the paper,'” Greer recalled. “He reached up and grabbed my arm real tight, and left finger prints, and he snapped me to him. And said, ‘I was talking to you.'”

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