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Chris McDaniel – “All great...

Chris McDaniel – “All great change is preceded by chaos” and “pain” #mssen

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 1, 2014

Smith County Conservative Coalition holds inaugural meeting

“We have to speak with one voice. We can’t be fragmented. Others are looking for radicals, so be cautious of your mouthpieces. Look for things we agree on as a group, then use those to present a united front, a united message,” Smith said.

When asked by an audience member what he wanted to work toward to fix things with our government, (Tony) Smith said it is important to him that Mississippi distance itself from government financial lifelines. He also said he wanted to see more states rights, and a change in leadership at all levels of government.

“If we continue to send the same people back, we will never get different results,” Smith said.


Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel who represents Jones County and District 42, agreed and said the state of Mississippi deserves better in government and in state leadership, but that change within the party and government won’t be easy.

“We just have to reclaim the Republican party…All great change is preceded by chaos. All great change is preceded by pain.

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