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Retired Chief Justice Ed Pittman: MS...

Retired Chief Justice Ed Pittman: MS Supremes reluctant to get into elections, want voters to speak

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 11, 2014

Hosemann convenes panel to consider voting changes

McDaniel takes his post-election fight to the Mississippi Supreme Court next month. A judge has already ruled that the Republican waited too late to appeal his loss to Cochran in the June 24 primary runoff election.

“They are reluctant to get into elections because they want the voters to speak, not the court,” said retired Chief Justice Ed Pittman.

Pittman said it will be difficult to convince the state’s high court to reverse the 20-day time limit ruling. He said it’s possible the court could say that rule doesn’t apply to this election.

“That is a fair argument. The only problem is that the court looked at it once and decided that it did,” Pittman said.


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