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@JarvisDeberry – Chris McDaniel...

@JarvisDeberry – Chris McDaniel upset at black people, Democrats #mssen

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 12, 2014

Failed Senate candidate from Mississippi upset at black people, Democrats: Jarvis DeBerry

After pointing out that most black voters are Democrats, McDaniels argues, “Many pro-Cochran campaign advertisements in the days leading up to June 24…were clearly targeted to the African-American community. The ten counties where Cochran improved most (from the June 3, primary to the June 24 runoff) were those where blacks make up 69 percent or more of the population.”

During the campaign McDaniel tried to fend off allegations that he doesn’t particularly care for black people. His call for an investigation into the high numbers of black people voting is likely to give new life to that allegation. And black voters might see his complaint as proof that they were right to mobilize against him.

Jarvis DeBerry
Times Picayune

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