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DAILY JOURNAL editorial says @MSGOP...

DAILY JOURNAL editorial says @MSGOP chair Nosef had to take tougher line to win elections

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 28, 2014

DAILY JOURNAL editorial: OUR OPINION: State GOP chairman voices his frustration

Mississippi Republican Party chairman Joe Nosef has an impossible job in keeping the state GOP united in the aftermath of the U.S. Senate runoff.

It appears he’s realized that and is publicly losing patience with Chris McDaniel and his campaign…

…If he’s got the goods, Nosef said in so many words, McDaniel should file his challenge. Otherwise, he should concede.

Naturally, the McDaniel camp took offense. Spokesman Noel Fritsch said Nosef was “parroting a Cochran staffer’s stale talking points.” But the weekend represented the passing of a 10-day timetable set earlier by McDaniel attorney Mitch Tyner for the challenge to be filed, and no action appears imminent.

Nosef had to know that his statement would make eventual reconciliation of McDaniel supporters with the Cochran candidacy more difficult. Yet as one whose responsibility is to help Mississippi Republicans win elections, it’s a position he has no choice but to take. Otherwise, how long into the general election campaign will McDaniel’s ongoing attacks continue to be a drag on the Cochran campaign?

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