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The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Days 32...

The McDaniel Hostage Crisis – Days 32 & 33 – Purging, not challenging, graphing and disrupting

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 27, 2014

We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

On July 18, Chris McDaniel said, “It goes to show that there are elements within our own party that have to be purged.” Well, it didn’t take long for the Tea Party faithful in Mississippi to choose the first target.

On Friday, Bill Marcy was “uninvited” from the MS Tea Party Convention that was to be held in Vicksburg. Marcy is of course a candidate that has run as both a Republican and a Democrat in Congressional and Senate races, but considers himself a Tea Partier at heart (today). Reportedly after getting a call from Laura Van Overschelde (aka “Ma Tea”), Marcy posted this to his Facebook Page.

(The comments in the FB posts are gems, by the way).

On Friday, to no one’s surprise, the Chris McDaniel legal braintrust has said in essence that 30 days is too short of a period of time to get their shit together. Actually, they just said, “We’ve been slightly delayed in getting some of the data that we want to include in the challenge and expect to file it next week.”. Sources inform YallPolitics that when on Friday morning during a meeting with McDaniel’s legal team that when Mitch Tyner shook their Magic 8-Ball, it said, “Ask again later”. The next 8 ball shaking is scheduled for after a lavish campaign-financed lunch on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post sicced their graphic artists on the Mississippi Senate Race challenge.

from the Washington Post

This, of course, being the alternative path to getting over 7,600 votes more than your opponent.

But the dust will really fly next week in Neshoba. Cochran has set it up to be the kickoff for the fall general election campaign. Hopefully, he can remind fairgoers of Childers support from and support for President Obama, his votes for and with Nancy Pelosi while First District Congressman and his being THE obstacle to being the 51st vote for Republicans to take over the Senate.

Not to be outdone, the South MS Tea Party has pressed members to disrupt the festivities.

“We must get some of our people together and make up some homemade posters and confront Cochran and Bryant! The entire state media, TV, papers, Supertalk radio, will be there, broadcasting live and recording. Posters need to say things like “Fire Phil”, “Primary Phil 2015”, “Cochran + Barbour = VOTER FRAUD”, “Vote Buying is Illegal”, etc. You get the point. If we don’t show grassroots disgust with what and how they just stole an election for Cochran, then the story will be what a wonderful lovefest Thad, Haley, Phil, Delbert and Pickering had at the Neshoba County Fair as united strong Republican conservatives! Either we show up there, and everyone will need a day ticket to get in which is $15 at the door, or the story will be that a giant harmonious love-fest was had by all state Republican leaders and Thad.”

Whether he likes it or not, Phil Bryant’s silence on the Senate race since the runoff will likely be challenged one way or the other this week. He will be on the stage immediately after Cochran and it will not be possible for him to avoid speaking about Cochran and where he stands going forward. And odds are high there will be Tea party fueled scene (a la the Linda St. Martin-esque tirade in 2008) launched at the stage this year. St. Martin was the one positioned 2 seats down from then Speaker Billy McCoy and had a meltdown of sorts during Haley Barbour’s remarks and had to be escorted from the pavilion.

Image courtesy of Keith Plunkett.

That’s the way it was – Days 32 & 33 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.

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