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Washington Post: McDaniel should show...

Washington Post: McDaniel should show evidence or concede, incendiary tactics have no place

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 24, 2014

WASHINGTON POST: Chris McDaniel should either show evidence or concede in Mississippi’s GOP primary

The close election displays in full light the ongoing push-and-pull between the tea party and establishment Republicans. It also reveals the tea party’s troubling alienation of minorities — a key reason Republicans can win district seats but have difficulty in national elections.

But Mr. McDaniel’s challenge of the election’s legitimacy isn’t just a party problem. In even the closest primaries, such as Tuesday’s narrow GOP election in Georgia, the loser typically concedes in a bid for unity. Since elections inevitably have a few voter irregularities caused by human mistakes, the burden of proof to challenge an election is high — as it should be.

Mr. McDaniel’s strong language and incendiary tactics have no place in our democratic process. Any challenge to an election must be open and respectful. If Mr. McDaniel would like to contest the results, he should end his campaign spree and present evidence of widespread fraud. If not, he must do what he should’ve done a month ago: concede.

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