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Paul Hampton at Sun Herald –...

Paul Hampton at Sun Herald – Chris McDaniel should ‘give up’ in #mssen

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 6, 2014

I don’t want to look but I can’t turn away from McDaniel

He’s been a state senator for some time now. Wonder where he was when the media was griping about the state’s wimpy open records law. You know, the law that stood in his campaign’s way when it asked to see election records.

Why didn’t he push the state to have closed primaries if he thinks that would be the route to fair elections?

He was probably too busy championing a child’s right to spread communicable diseases in our public schools.

He clearly loves campaigning. Maybe he loves it too much, misses the adoring crowds too much. He’s having a devil of a time giving that up.

But the campaign is over so he’s reduced to gaming the system for publicity. His latest play goes something like this: Give me money so I can give you rewards for exposing voter fraud. Never mind that he says he’s already exposed voter fraud. Seriously, don’t look behind the curtain.

It is undoubtedly tough for him to give it up. But he should.

It’s time.

Paul Hampton
Sun Herald

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