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Mississippi Gov. Bryant named co-chair...

Mississippi Gov. Bryant named co-chair of Delta Regional Authority

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 25, 2014

Gov. Bryant Named Delta Regional Authority State Co-Chair

Gov. Phil Bryant has been named 2014 state co-chairman for the Delta Regional Authority. Bryant assumed the role on Saturday during the DRA’s annual Governors Quorum Meeting and replaces outgoing state co-chairman Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. The DRA is a federal-state partnership that works to enhance economic development and improve lives in 252 counties and parishes of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

“It has been my pledge since day one as governor to grow Mississippi’s economy, and the Delta Regional Authority has always been a great partner in helping advance economic and quality of life priorities for the Delta region in Mississippi,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “From telehealth advancements to education investments and water and sewer improvements, the DRA is focused on bringing new opportunities to the communities it serves. I look forward to working with Chairman Masingill and the other governors to support the entire 8-state DRA partnership area.”

The DRA has supported multiple projects in Mississippi, including:
· a telehealth partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center (2012);
· renovations and improvements to Holmes Community College to establish a regional education, training and job creation center (2013);

· emergency sewer repairs and upgrades in Adams County (2013); and

· technology and equipment upgrades to the Magee General Hospital pharmacy (2013).

In 2013 The DRA invested $1,342,557 in projects in Mississippi. The total DRA allocation to the eight participating states was $9,111,719.

“In partnership with the Governors of our eight states, we continue to help create jobs, build communities, and improve the lives of our people in the Delta region,” said DRA Federal Co-Chairman Chris Masingill. “We are pleased to welcome Governor Phil Bryant as our new State Co-Chairman, and I look forward to working directly with him to lead the Authority in supporting families and communities in Mississippi and the rest of the Delta region.”

The DRA is a federal-state partnership that is congressionally mandated to help create jobs, build communities, and improve lives in the 252 counties and parishes of the Delta. At least 75 percent of DRA funds are invested in counties that have an unemployment rate of one percent higher than the national average for the most recent 24-month period or that have a per capita income of 80 percent or less of the national per capita income.

Through twelve cycles of federal investment, the Authority is helping to create and retain more than 41,000 jobs and has leveraged $2.7 billion in other public and private investment.


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