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Hattiesburg follows Starkville in...

Hattiesburg follows Starkville in passing diversity resolution

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 19, 2014

Council to vote on diversity resolution

Hattiesburg City Council is expected this afternoon to consider a resolution that would spell out the city’s official stance when it comes to discrimination and diversity.

Council will be asked to vote on a resolution that would be the city’s first policy statement on diversity.

“It would not be an ordinance,” City Attorney Charles Lawrence said. “But if (adopted), it would be the official policy of the City of Hattiesburg as it relates to diversity and treatment of all people in the city.

“It would be our principle and our policy, but it would not be a law. For it be law, it would have to be an ordinance.”

Hattiesburg American

UPDATE: The Hattiesburg City Council passed the resolution Tuesday, Feb. 18. The resolution has been touted by Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman and others as a LGBT win in Mississippi.

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