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MINOR: Tea Party could squeeze Cochran...

MINOR: Tea Party could squeeze Cochran out of office

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 31, 2014

Tea Party could squeeze Cochran out of office

Imagine Thad Cochran in a low-vote Republican primary in June losing to Chris McDaniel, a virtually unknown state legislator hoisted by Tea Party right-wingers to push their narrow agenda.

Cochran’s a nice old guy, say the Tea Partiers, but he didn’t kowtow to their mandate to kill Obamacare at any cost.

So they’re asking Mississippians to boot out Cochran and his 42 years of valuable congressional seniority and replace him with an untested guy who makes a habit of latching on to far-out causes. And they would do it with a tiny minority of the state’s 1.3 million voters. Is this what the people of this small, largely rural state really want?


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