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Clarion Ledger Q&A with MS...

Clarion Ledger Q&A with MS Insurance Commissioner Chaney

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 30, 2014

Q&A with Miss. Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

Q: Are there any misconceptions people have about Mississippi’s uninsured?

A: The major misunderstanding is that the uninsured numbers are considerably different from other states. In reality, other surrounding Southern states have a similar or higher percentage of uninsured when compared to Mississippi.

Q: Aside from more funding, what is the biggest obstacle to providing health care coverage?

A: The second biggest obstacle is getting Mississippians to sign up for coverage. This is mainly due to the rural nature of the state. Lack of knowledge on health risks — lack of resources, i.e. computers and other technological tools to help educate. Lack of Internet connection for individuals to sign up online. To date, 8,045 Mississippians have signed up for insurance on the Federal Exchange.

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