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MS Gov Phil Bryant via POLITICO –...

MS Gov Phil Bryant via POLITICO – It’s Time to End the Mississippi Bashing

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 28, 2014

It’s Time to End the Mississippi Bashing

There is no other state in the nation quite like Mississippi. We are, after all, a crossroads: There is no other place with such a rich, diverse tradition of art, music, literature and culture, and no other place that so routinely defies expectations.

Now, every state has room to improve, and Mississippi is working hard to overcome some of its obstacles. From 2011 to 2012 alone, we reduced our state’s teen pregnancy rate more than 10 percent, and we have enacted transformational public education reforms that will ensure that more Mississippi children have the opportunity to achieve success from a solid learning foundation.

Beyond tired “Mississippi is this” or “Mississippi is that” headlines, though, is a state that offers great rewards.

You may not know that Mississippi is a sought-after location for job creators. In fact, our state was recently ranked No. 9 among the top states for doing business by Area Development magazine;No. 2 for both competitive utility costs and permitting speed (also by Area Development); and among the top five for excellence in advanced manufacturing by Expansion Solutions magazine.


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