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Governor Bryant Offers Alternative To...

Governor Bryant Offers Alternative To Medicaid Expansion

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 7, 2014

Governor Bryant Offers Alternative To Medicaid Expansion

An alternative proposal to Medicaid expansion floated by Governor Phil Bryant could be a central issue in the 20-14 legislative session which begins tomorrow. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports the governor is proposing stepping in with state money to off-set cuts from the federal government…..

The Governor revived the idea in a recent interview, but also included it in his budget recommendation released in November. At that time, Bryant said the state should give just over four million dollars to hospitals to off-set cuts included in the affordable care act.

“Our hospital are vital not only for the health care of the state of Mississippi and this economy. It is small portion of what their overall lose might be but it is a great way to begin that support,” Bryant said.


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