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Bill Minor does “an imaginary...

Bill Minor does “an imaginary interview with Haley Barbour”

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 6, 2013

An imaginary interview with Haley Barbour

Several weeks ago, The Clarion-Ledger did a Q&A interview with former Gov. Haley Barbour. It got some interesting answers, especially his disgust with tea party darling Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Its interview made me think of some other questions I would like to ask Barbour if I did a Q&A with him. That, of course, won’t happen, even though I’ve known him since he played on the same youth baseball team as one of my sons.

So here’s my imagined Q&A with Haley:

Me: When you announced for governor in 2003, you had not actually lived in Mississippi for 20 years while you were making a pile of money peddling influence inside the Beltway. What made you think your old home state needed you as governor?

Haley: I decided money isn’t everything and I would take a pay cut for a few years. Besides I had learned in Washington that creating a blind trust is a neat way to keep the money flowing from your old shop.

Bill Minor

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