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Senate urged to pass House charter bill

Senate urged to pass House charter bill

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 20, 2013

Senate urged to pass House charter bill

Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, wants the Senate to pass the House charter school bill in the coming weeks and send the proposal to Gov. Phil Byrant for his signature.

“The bill we passed I think is as strong a bill as we can pass down here,” Gunn said last week. “I think what we passed is a solid bill that will accomplish a lot of good.”

The charter school issue, which has been cast to the side after dominating the first weeks of the 2013 legislative session, will be front and center again soon.

The Education committees of the two chambers have until March 5 to consider the bill passed by the other house. As long as one of the two bills passes out of one of the Education committees, the issue will remain alive.

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