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GOP leaders react to 3 judge panel...

GOP leaders react to 3 judge panel ruling regarding redistricting

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 21, 2012

GOP leaders react to yesterday’s 3 judge panel ruling regarding redistricting:

Governor Phil Bryant said, “I am pleased that, in light of this ruling, Mississippi taxpayers will be spared the expense of a special election.”

“The three-judge panel today agreed the State Senate’s redistricting plan, which was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support, was representative of the entire state, and senators will run for office under the new district lines in 2015. Today’s ruling was a victory for taxpayers, who believe in fair elections,” said Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

“We are more than pleased that the three judge panel recognized that the motions filed by the plaintiffs were without merit,” said Speaker Gunn. “Chairman Bill Denny and his House Redistricting Committee worked very hard to ensure that the redistricting plan was fair for all Mississippians and complied with all legal requirements. The quality of their work product was affirmed when the United States Justice Department pre-cleared their plan on the first presentation without any corrections or revisions. Considering this, it makes absolutely no sense at all to require the legislature to run again and burden the taxpayers with the cost of another election.”

“This decision confirms what we’ve known all along—that the 2011 elections were constitutional, and there is no need for costly special elections,” said Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef. “The legislature’s redistricting plan is both balanced and well designed. We congratulate and appreciate Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker Gunn for their leadership and the hard work of their respective chambers.”


Brandon Payne
Executive Director
Mississippi Republican Party

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