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America teetering Left while...

America teetering Left while Mississippi remains firmly Right

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 7, 2012

With President Barack Obama winning his bid for reelection, America is on track for an historic political and ideological shift, moving the country further left.

Not to sound dramatic, but historians may well point to Election Day 2012 as a tipping point for our uniquely American experience as a republic.

Voters chose mediocrity, appeals to our lowest common denominator, and entitlement promises at the top of the ticket while continuing to promote gridlock in our nation’s Capitol by ensuring that Democrats remained in the majority in the U.S. Senate and Republicans still lead the U.S. House of Representatives.

Overall, the electorate showed little vision, little thought of America being bigger than self.

Six billion dollars over two years of campaigning and all we as a nation have to look forward to is an unbridled expansion of liberal ideology and outright attack on what has been America’s founding principles. The left is now unleashed in this administration.

Truthfully, no matter who would have been elected to the White House, the challenges would be similar in pushing through an agenda that met the fleece needed for compromise in such a divided nation. There is no sweet spot. Oh, the election night calls for bipartisanship were warm and fuzzy but ultimately they lack substance and action.

For a President to win reelection after overseeing an economy with the worst unemployment rate since FDR, promoting job killing regulations, expanding discrimination via taxation, and preaching the division of race and class warfare it is quite an amazing feat in a nation that has readily taken pride in reaching beyond the rhetoric in search of truth and virtue, not simply for the here and now, but for the benefit of our posterity.

Make no mistake – this will embolden Obama and his liberal cohorts. He will not compromise. This win will be viewed as a mandate by this President despite the obvious division and discontent as exemplified in the split popular vote.

The raucous rhetoric will not end; it is only beginning.

And by the way, Obamacare is the law of the land and will not be repealed. Businesses that were holding out hope are now faced with major decisions. Some will lay off or fire employees. Others will close their doors.

Voter ID will continue to face significant hurdles out of the Obama Justice Department.

Mississippi’s voice will be challenged at every turn.

But we will move on. We always do. Loss is a tough pill to swallow, but it is the man who holds fast to his principles and remains engaged that wins the day.

Concerned Americans, namely conservatives as we are in Mississippi, are now faced with praying first and foremost while continuing to push back against the damning results that may well come from this election.

The fight for sound, constitutional governance moves forward.

Mississippi will continue to be represented inside the Beltway by Republican Senator Roger Wicker and every incumbent Congressman (Nunnelee, Thompson, Harper, and Palazzo) – 3 R’s and 1 D – each cruising to easy reelections. Palazzo and Nunnelee join Thompson and Harper as formidable incumbents and have likely secured their place for some time to come.

All of the GOP endorsed state Supreme Court candidates won, the biggest win being Josiah Coleman defeating Richard ‘Flip’ Phillips for the Northern District Mississippi Supreme Court race. The importance of this seat cannot be overstated. Josiah is young, conservative and will likely hold this spot for as long as he chooses. Trial lawyers tried to slip one or two past the electorate in Phillips and Banks, but were resoundingly turned back. This may have been the most meaningful result of the night in Mississippi.

And we’ll wait to see who the two new state legislators are until November 27 as SD 19 and HD 52 are both in a runoff. Parker versus Nelson to replace Flowers and Kinkade versus Bryan to replace Woods. All are Republicans. The implications here point directly to charter schools and education reform come the 2013 session.

So conservatives in Mississippi take heart, hitch up your britches, and press on toward local and state elections with an eye to the mid-terms and yes, 2016. Take pride that we did our part for America’s future.

The fight isn’t over. Even had Romney won, action would have still been required, because America is bigger than any one man or one party.

We urge you to stay active and help ensure the Magnolia State remains true to its conservative values while holding DC accountable for their questionable liberal ways.

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