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Barbour ponders ‘residual’...

Barbour ponders ‘residual’ effect on campaign from Sandy

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 2, 2012

Barbour ponders ‘residual’ effect on campaign from Sandy

Alex and I wrote Tuesday about the impact that Hurricane Sandy has had in terms of the map and the calendar. One of the people I reached out to for the story, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour – who is familiar with storms and their aftermaths – got in touch after we published the piece, but this was his take on the impact of Sandy on 2012, and the sense that the president benefited:

“One thing is obvious – for a period of three days or more, nobody on the news media was reporting anyhing about the economy or job, spending, deficits or debts. and that’s the Obama campaign’s dream,” he said. “They’ve been trying to change the subject away from his record and his policies since this campaign began….the question is, now that we’re coming back and we have six days to go, how much residual will there be of this virtual blackout?”


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