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FireMcCoy – You be the judge: Is...

FireMcCoy – You be the judge: Is Jones “Independent” or just another liberal (HD 111)

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 26, 2011

From FireMcCoy…

Jones claims to be “an independent leader” who is “standing up to the good ole boys in the Capitol.” Funny thing is, would “an independent leader” openly be supported by and associated with the same “good ole boys in the Capitol” Jones claims to be fighting against? Perhaps Brandon Jones has a different definition of “independent” than most Mississippians do.

Here’s a fundraiser invitation from a Brandon Jones event in Jackson – quite a ways from House District 111 on the Coast. You be the judge if Jones is “an independent” “standing up to the good ole boys in the Capitol,” or if he is just another typical liberal Democrat trying to sound conservative to get elected…

…* $1,000 contributors: Former Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, Former Democratic Gov. William Winter, Speaker Billy McCoy, Rep. Cecil Brown, Precious Martin, Matt Eichelberger (of liberal blog CottonMouth fame), Richard Schwartz (one call, that’s all), and Shane Langston

* $500 contributor: Sen. David Baria (now House District 122 Democratic candidate)

* $250 contributors: Former Democratic Attorney General Mike Moore, Former Democratic Insurance Commissioner George Dale, Dorsey Carson (now House District 64 Democratic candidate), Rep. Dirk Dedeaux, Rep. George Flaggs, Rep. Robert Johnson, Rep. David Norquist, and Sen. Gray Tollison

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