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MIM – Todd Wade Isn’t Backing...

MIM – Todd Wade Isn’t Backing Down

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 15, 2011

Todd Wade Isn’t Backing Down

On his website today, Todd Wade, a Senate candidate who was removed from the ballot yesterday, posted a lengthy response to that decision, “The Facts About The Election Commission’s Decision.”

In a statement today, Wade said, “I have met all the requirements asked of me by the Commission, and I have been previously certified by the Mississippi Republican Party and by the Secretary of State. This is illegal and smacks of good ole boy politics. It is extremely disappointing that Secretary Hosemann would go against Governor Barbour and Lt. Governor Bryant and would side with Democrat Jim Hood. The maneuver effectively reappoints a Democrat to Senate District 9…I maintain now, as I have from the beginning that I meet all of the requirements to run for this seat and that I am qualified to hold office. I hope voters will investigate the facts for themselves and call both Secretary Hosemann and Attorney General Hood and tell them to reverse this illegal decision immediately.”

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