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MIM – Who Is The Better Democrat...

MIM – Who Is The Better Democrat For November?

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 8, 2011

MIM – Who Is The Better Democrat For November?

Two weeks from tomorrow, Democrats will chose their nominee for governor to face off against Phil Bryant. We have recently looked at the Democratic performances of the past two election cycles, and whomever the Democrats nominate will be a heavy underdog. Because of that, I think we are really looking at the difference between maybe 41 or 42 percent and 44 or 45 percent (obviously not the difference between winning and losing).

Four years ago, Bryant ran against a candidate who had many of the attributes you would look for if you were a Democrat. You may not personally like Jamie Franks or his positions on most issues, but he was from the right part of the state (Northeast Mississippi), had a blue-collar background and appeal, and was a wealthy trial lawyer (who knew many wealthy trial lawyers). That helped him get about 41 percent of the vote.

Majority in Mississippi

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