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Delta Biz Journal on Phil Bryant...

Delta Biz Journal on Phil Bryant – Delta bred and Mississippi motivated

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 7, 2011

Delta bred and Mississippi motivated

As current lieutenant governor, former state auditor and former Mississippi House of Representatives member, Phil Bryant has learned a thing or two in the halls of the state Capitol building.

The conservative Republican, who is currently campaigning for the Republican nomination in the 2011 Mississippi Governor’s race, came from a humble beginning and has come a long way from his deputy sheriff days in Rankin County.

“I was born in Moorhead, my dad was a diesel mechanic and no one in my family had ever graduated from college,” says Bryant. “The Delta has always been close to my heart and there are many wonderful times I’ve spent there with my family and friends.”
Bryant spent part of his childhood in Moorhead. His family later moved to Jackson and Bryant has lived in the Jackson area ever since, currently in Rankin County. He met his wife, Deborah, there and they have two children: Katie and Patrick. And, while Bryant has worked long and hard to arrive at where he is today, his career began at a tire company.

“I went to work at a tire company in Jackson five and a half days a week,” says Bryant. “It was a good job and I learned a lot of lessons about a lot of things in that job. How to work with others and the public was one of them.”

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