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CottonMouth – Phil Bryant, Miss...

CottonMouth – Phil Bryant, Miss America, and $10,000

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 15, 2011

Phil Bryant, Miss America, and $10,000

Geoff Pender at the Sun-Herald wrote an article last Friday that revealed Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Bryant’s plan to use BP money to move the Miss America pageant from Las Vegas to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In order to help restore tourism, BP pledged $16M to the Mississippi Gulf Coast after they spewed oil all over it. Under Bryant’s plan, a majority of that money would go towards moving the pageant from Vegas to the Coast.

I’m sure that Bryant wanted it kept secret for the same reasons other economic development projects are kept secret. But it kinda looks bad when you factor in the fact that Sam Haskell donated $10,000 to Bryant’s campaign 3 weeks before the pitch was made (see page 4), and that the Miss America pageant ain’t what it used to be. According to Pender’s article:


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