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Palazzo to Attend Final Endeavour Space...

Palazzo to Attend Final Endeavour Space Shuttle Launch

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 29, 2011

Palazzo to Attend Final Endeavour Space Shuttle Launch
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Steven Palazzo (MS-04), Chairman of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee which has jurisdiction over NASA, had the following to say regarding tomorrow’s launch attempt of the Endeavour Space Shuttle:
“I am honored to attend the second-to-last launch of the space shuttle program, and the final flight of Endeavour. After nineteen years of service, it is sad to think that Endeavour will be decommissioned at the conclusion of this mission. As the shuttle program draws to a close, America’s legacy as the unrivaled world leader in space exploration enters a new and uncertain era.”
“In my capacity as Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Chairman, I am concerned about the adverse impact that phasing out the space shuttle program will have on our nation’s skilled aerospace workforce and our industrial base. In legislation passed last year, Congress directed NASA to develop a Space Launch System and Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle as a successor to the Space Shuttle to preserve our nation’s capability to launch humans into space, as well as to serve as back up to emerging commercial space launch companies. This approach would provide uninterrupted continuity of service to our workforce and help sustain our technological superiority. However, the administration has not followed Congress’ guidance, jeopardizing the skilled space workforce and regional economies that are dependent on the aerospace industry.”
“NASA is at critical juncture as we enter a new era of commercial space travel. NASA and the administration should make the most expeditious choices possible to minimize the adverse impact on the aerospace industrial base in South Mississippi. I am committed to Stennis Space Center in Hancock County remaining the premier testing grounds for liquid propulsion engines.”

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