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Harper – Challenges and Victories

Harper – Challenges and Victories

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 27, 2011

Dear Friend,

Members of Congress have returned home for the Easter constituent work week. This two-week period provides me with an opportunity to travel Mississippi’s Third Congressional District, meet with and listen to your concerns, and share my ideas for creating jobs, driving down spending and shrinking the size of the federal government.

Since my arrival in Mississippi, I have attended the dedication ceremony for the Mississippi Veterans Persian Gulf War Memorial in Newton, spoke with Lamar School students in Meridian, met with the Mississippi Economic Council in Jackson, met with professors and students and saw Mississippi State’s alternative energy EcoCAR in Starkville, and delivered remarks about improving transportation at the Mississippi Road Builders Association’s annual assembly in Jackson. Tonight I will be honored to speak at the Air Force Association’s annual meeting where I plan to discuss Key Field’s successes and the need for continued flying missions in Meridian.

There is no doubt that we are facing tough times in our country. This is affirmed through the many conversations I have had with hard-working Mississippians over the last several days. Congress has faced and will continue to face some of the country’s most historic and challenging decisions of our time.

Nevertheless my travels and meetings have also reminded me of our state’s victories. We are training tomorrow’s military leaders to carryout America’s mission in manned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Mississippi has become a leader in renewable energies, which is evident through Mississippi State’s first-class research and development programs.

The Third Congressional District and the Magnolia State are seeing positive development in many areas and I am humbled and honored to serve its people in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Gregg Harper

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