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Alan Nunnelee op-ed on budget battle

Alan Nunnelee op-ed on budget battle

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 21, 2011

Alan Nunnelee op-ed on budget battle

We are engaged in a battle for the future of our country — a battle to determine whether we will finally stop Washington from spending money that we don’t have and put policies in place to grow our economy and help small businesses recover — a battle Conservatives must win, and one that will allow us to pass on the same opportunity and freedom we enjoy to our children and grandchildren.

Over the past few weeks, a fight ensued and Conservatives forced President Obama to cut spending or close the federal government. While I know much more needed to be cut, the deal was the most we could get until Democrats are no longer in control of the Senate and White House. The fact is, because of last November, Congress will spend $78.5 billion less than what President Obama wanted. This is a good thing for America, but it is just a start.

Also, by preventing a government shutdown, our military troops were allowed to focus on their mission of defending our great nation without worrying about their pay. The one thing that keeps me up at night is thinking about our men and women in uniform, serving in war zones. I know that many of them have families back at home with mortgages and bills. If the government had shut down, they would not have seen a paycheck.

Alan Nunnelee
Desoto Times Today

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