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Rep. Terry Burton refers to Republicans...

Rep. Terry Burton refers to Republicans as “the other side” in redistricting talks

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 19, 2011

Remap talks, suit proceed

Senate Elections Committee Chairman Terry Burton, R-Newton, said he has been in Jackson for about a week working on a deal with his counterpart, House Apportionment and Elections Committee Chairman Tommy Reynolds, D-Charleston.

“We have come together on some issues people have and we’ve put that in the hands of some people who can make a decision,” Burton said.

Asked about the significance of those changes, Burton said, “It’s very difficult to define ‘significant.'”

“We’ve made changes that should answer some of the concerns of the other side, the Republicans. I think they are significant enough to justify calling us back,” he said. “I think they are very, very close to something that the great majority of people in the House and Senate can agree on.”

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