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Mitchell – Barbour won’t be...

Mitchell – Barbour won’t be surprised or unarmed for ‘racist’ label

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 31, 2011

Barbour won’t be surprised or unarmed for ‘racist’ label

OXFORD — Haley Barbour is white. He’s a Republican. He’s conservative. He’s from Mississippi. That yields an easy label: racist.

Applying labels is what shallow media and shallow people do. It’s code, as in, “Oh, he’s a preacher” or “Oh, she’s a liberal.” It’s affixing a stereotype for the purpose of adding context — and often to discredit.

Because Barbour, whose work for the national GOP is legendary, has been peeking out from the party’s war rooms, he’s become a target.
Opinion-makers and policy-shapers who have decided he will hinder their agenda are rallying, trying to thwart a presidential campaign before it can begin.

Charlie Mitchell

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