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MIM – Moving Forward In The...

MIM – Moving Forward In The Senate

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 8, 2011

Moving Forward In The Senate

With final passage of the House redistricting plan early Saturday morning, it has become more and more apparent that matters will slow dramatically in the Senate. Obviously, this has been discussed for some time now, but it looks like there is now more widespread support among Republicans for ending the so-called “gentlemen’s agreement” and standing for back-to-back elections if necessary.

And this movement is all basically from the past week. A week ago, House Republicans were generally happy with their individual districts, but that was before seeing and analyzing the entire map. The map was revealed and criticism was instant. Because of the blowback from conservatives, including the 93 percent of House Republicans who voted against the proposed map (and 46 percent of the entire House), I don’t see how Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and Senate leaders do anything but stop this in its tracks.

Majority in Miss.

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