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‘Repeal ObamaCARE Pac’...

‘Repeal ObamaCARE Pac’ endorses Steven Palazzo (MS-4), Marco Rubio and others

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 1, 2010

The Repeal ObamaCare PAC

Rick Crawford, Steven Palazzo, Michele Bachmann, Morgan Philpot, Tim Scott, Robin Smith, Sharron Angle, Marco Rubio. What do all those folks have in common?

For one thing, they’re all solidly conservative Republican candidates for the US House of Representatives or for the US Senate. For another, they’re among those who have pledged to use their vote to repeal the monstrosity of ObamaCare. For this reason, they’re also among the exceptional group of candidates who have earned the endorsement of Repeal ObamaCare PAC (ROCPAC), a federally registered PAC founded in March 2010, shortly after the narrow passage of the 2,500 page legislation known as “ObamaCare.”

ROCPAC only supports candidates for U.S. Congress who pledge to use their vote in Congress to repeal the monstrosity of federally run healthcare in America and the many destructive aspects of the alleged healthcare reform passed in March.

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